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Every day thousands of our colleagues work to help improve the lives of patients across the globe.

Our diverse family of over 37,000 employees is what makes up the heart of our company.

They define our culture, advance our research, and ensure our meaningful impact. Listen in as they reveal, in their own words, their expertise and their passions, their hopes and motivations, their challenges and their triumphs.

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We are all in for better health

At Teva, we have a real opportunity to make the world a healthier place every day. Watch as Teva colleagues meet with patients and caregivers face-to-face to truly understand the impact of our work.

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Get to Know the People of Teva

Day in a Life

Meet Yuliana Katsarska: Leading Medicines Packaging for Patients

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3 Trends I’m Watching in Patient Safety

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"AI helps us better understand and support patient needs"

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"How Practicing and Teaching Meditation Is My Key to Wellbeing"

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"What I like most about Teva is the company's sustainability agenda."

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Magdalena Zelazny, European Commercial Quality organization in Teva

"My team is responsible for the quality of each product in patients' hands."

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Shoshi Friedman healthcare trends

3 Trends I’m Watching

Follow the latest trends and innovations in global health care and pharmaceuticals. Listen to our industry experts discussing new moves in sustainability, digital health, supply and procurement, manufacturing, AI, clinical trials and more. Join the debate!

Discover the latest trends 3 Trends I’m Watching

"Our workforce should reflect the diverse societies we serve."

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Amit Hazan talking about trends in global healthcare finance

3 Trends I’m Watching in Corporate Finance

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Rachna Sood, project manager Teva, with her dog

Biosimilar Medicine Has Made a Difference to My Life

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Data scientist Michal Melamed talks about health care trends

New trends in advanced analytics and AI for patient care

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Image of a coach

The Power of the Team for Nurturing Mental Wellbeing

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What Living With Hearing Loss Has Taught Me

What Living With Hearing Loss Has Taught Me

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Behind the Scenes: Órla Barron and Peter Gargya

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Stefan Ottmar Fuegenschuh, Site General Manager for Teva's biologics site in Ulm, Germany

Meet Our People: Stefan Ottmar

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The power of difference

When our people are heard, respected, and empowered, they can realize their full potential and apply their skills and talents. This strengthens our organization, fueling our creativity and innovation as we work to improve health for people of all backgrounds.

Explore Inclusion & Diversity at Teva The power of difference
manny montalvo talks about digital health care trends

3 Trends: New Directions in Digital Health

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“I believe that wellbeing starts with your inner self”

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WeMake: Jaime Sanders talks about chronic migraine with Shachaf Reingewirtz

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Watch: Asma from Teva Netherlands Site Really Related to Daniel's Caregiver Story

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WeMake: Arthur Lazarev shares his HD experience with Ufuk Aras

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A Winning Formula for Patient Safety at Teva

Órla Barron and Peter Gargya, long-time Teva Pharmacovigilance employees, share their thoughts on su...

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New trends in clinical studies for patients

Teva experts highlight the most exciting trends in global health care innovation.

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No mountain too high for wellbeing

Brigita Tetickovic, Teva’s General Manager Serbia & Montenegro

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One mission, 60 countries

Sharing wisdom and aspirations from our people around the world

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Discover a world of career opportunities at Teva

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Katarzyna Lozak

Meet our

“In five years' time, we will be in a very different reality than we are today”

Meet the Expert: Katarzyna Lozak

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"I Like Leading People. My Personal Drive Fits Perfectly Here"

Meet the Expert: Noa Anker

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Janet Vaughn, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, North America Generics

“Building relationships is just as important as the technical aspects of my role”

Meet Janet Vaughn, VP Regulatory Affairs, North America Generics.

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“One of the most important attributes for developing people is listening”

Susie Freda, Senior Director, Global Procurement, Marketing, Sales & Professional Services

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“I always try to lead by example”

Romana Santar, Head of API Production

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Dr Riad Dirani

“This ‘invisible pandemic’ is one of the biggest global health challenges”

Dr Riad Dirani, Vice President for Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research

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"Biosimilars are advancing more treatment options for patients."

Cory Wohlbach, Global VP for Biosimilar Regulatory Affairs

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“I take several of the medicines that we tested here”

Paula Turner, Senior Director for Clinical Operations

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“Most of my friends have no concept of what I do”

Amy Hassett, Engineering Project Manager

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“I try not to overdo it with polymorph V”

Masa Rajic Linaric, Associate Director for Physical Characterization (R&D)

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“I worked on aircraft with the Royal Air Force…my career went from there”

Rebecca Shepherd, Engineering Team Leader

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“I used to design telephones but I find this far more rewarding”

Mike Smith, Product Designer

“Experienced colleagues help the newer ones learn and love their profession.”

At Teva, the average employee spends 10.5 years developing their career. There is something to be said for the knowledge and commitment of individuals who grow as the organization grows

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“700,000 people die every year because of fake TB and malaria drugs”

Kris van Deuren, Director of Corporate Security

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“My role is to protect patients by protecting our medicines”

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“Meet the

“As a woman leader, I strive to bring patience, empathy and support to the table”

Meet the Expert: Dr. Radha Shekar

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"I think the fact that I'm a musician contributes to the fact that I'm a scientist"

Barak Zohar, Associate Director, Head of Bioprocess Technologies, CMC Biosimilars

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“I knew from a young age that I wanted to study chemistry”

Ivana Šoljić Jerbić, Lead Scientist Teva Croatia: Teva pharmaceuticals

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“One of the most important traits of a good leader is vision”

Sebastian Horn, MD Head of Global Patient Safety and Pharmacovigilance: Teva Pharmaceuticals

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“We treat each unit of medicine like it’s the only one we’re making.”

Meet the expert: Hikmat Adamu

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Sivan Ranon, Global Supply Chain manager for Teva's Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) organization and end-to-end planning for two of Teva's specialty medicines

"Every decision we take is exceptionally important, which makes my role very interesting"

Meet the Expert: Sivan Ranon

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“I am fulfilling a dream…”

Meet Nir Shapir. As Teva’s Vice President of Biologics, it's his job to oversee the creation of biopharmaceuticals, a passion he has had since being a child. Go behind the scenes in our laboratory in Israel to find out how these medicines are made.

Watch here “I am fulfilling a dream…”

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