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Producing Quality Products That Improve Lives

As the world’s leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals, we supply a tremendous variety of medicines that touch the lives of close to 200 million people daily. We make sure each of those patients receives safe, quality therapies.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality and compliance begins with research and development. And it covers each stage of the drug development and commercialization process, from the procurement of raw materials, to the approval of our product submissions by regulatory authorities around the world and commercial distribution. 

More than 25,000 colleagues support our global manufacturing network of 68 sites in 32 countries. Our quality and compliance professionals are a key part of the manufacturing process. They play a crucial role in meeting our quality commitments to patients and to the regulatory agencies that approve our medicines.

Approaching Quality with Patients in Mind

We validate and continually monitor our manufacturing processes to ensure they perform as expected. Each of our products is tested to confirm compliance to Teva’s quality specifications and compliance standards.

Because Teva is vertically integrated, we supply a substantial amount of our own active pharmaceutical ingredients. That allows us to closely control product quality. But we’re just as strict on our external suppliers, who must meet the same tough requirements we set for ourselves. 

As a result, we have an enviable record of Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) compliance, which is assessed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other global regulatory organizations.

A Global Reach

The highest quality medicines wouldn’t be of much use, though, if you couldn’t consistently deliver them when and where they’re needed most. We distribute a staggering number of products – more than 2,400 of them – on time and at a competitive price. 

Teva is dedicated to making lives better and healthier. Our unconditional commitment to quality and compliance is fundamental to everything we do.

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