Benefits & Wellbeing at Teva

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While we take great pride in helping millions around the world enjoy healthier lives every day, we are just as passionate about looking after our people, as we are our patients.

We believe that good wellbeing is based on a holistic approach. Therefore, for us to be at our best, we must nurture our physical, mental, financial, and social needs, and it is these four interconnecting pillars that form the framework for all Teva wellbeing activities.

From compensation and financial rewards, to flexible working, health benefits and ongoing career development opportunities, our benefits package and range of wellbeing initiatives are about making sure that you’re at your best in life, as well as at work.

We also recognize that different people need different things. So we actively adjust our benefits offering to match the needs of our employees. It’s one of the ways we support our diverse workforce, regardless of your origin, cultural or ethnic background, family status or age. We want to make your life easier and work even more rewarding.

Enjoy a more rewarding career

We recognize the importance financial stability has on your overall wellbeing so, in addition to providing a compensation package that’s fair and competitive, we offer numerous savings and retirement schemes to help ensure financial stability in the long run. Additionally, we offer incentive-based programs, where your individual performance is recognized and rewarded.

Find a better balance

The spirit of togetherness here at Teva is unique. We work, grow, and pull together, and see ourselves as supportive teams made up of friends. In short, we like working with each other. But we know that family comes first and that you also have passions outside of work. Teva cares and respects the lives and interests of our people outside of work. And we recognize that successfully integrating both work and home life, is essential for your overall wellbeing.

To help you on your way, we offer flexible working schedules wherever possible (if your role permits), time off, and holidays. Additionally, depending on your location, you’ll find a variety of benefits and celebratory events that are offered to you, your family and your loved ones.

Good health starts with you

We know that when you feel good, you do good, both personally and professionally. That’s why we take pride in offering a choice of well-being programs and activities, aimed at helping you be in the best shape, physically, mentally, and socially.

In addition to providing access to a choice of medical and health plans, we take great pride in providing a safe place to work while nurturing an environment that’s caring, respectful and inclusive. We also offer insights and guidance to support your overall Wellbeing including suggested programs, aids and activities. Additionally, our Employee Assistance Program is focused on sharing resources and support specific to mental health.

We’re so committed to wellbeing we dedicate
a whole month to it

Teva Employee Wellbeing Month 2023 Highlights

Wellbeing Month 2023 events included a sleep-themed webinar, our Get Active Challenge, and many more activities enjoyed by Teva colleagues.

Our annual Teva Wellbeing Month is just one example of the many wellbeing initiatives and programs that run here at Teva. From wellbeing-themed webinars to challenges, mindfulness classes, group events, and more, Wellbeing Month is a great chance to focus on all things wellbeing. Wellbeing Month 2023 events included a sleep-themed webinar, our Get Active Challenge, and many more activities for Teva colleagues to enjoy.

Supporting positive mental wellbeing

This year we focused on positive mental wellbeing. To do this, we encouraged our people to nurture their own mental wellbeing with five simple steps, including connecting with other people, prioritizing sleep, staying present, being active, and giving to others.

In this heartwarming video, Toni Goehmann, Project Manager, Teva USA, explains how giving to others through volunteering enhances her own wellbeing.

Toni’s Wellbeing Story: How I Give to Others to Give to Myself

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Volunteering affects everybody's wellbeing,

not just mine - anybody who volunteers.

This charity that we do, that actually a group of us from Teva

from South Florida always goes to, is "Kids in Distress".

They support foster care, education, and strengthening of the family.


My passion for children, aside from having children myself,

I always love playing and helping children and seeing how they live for attention and love;

that's all they seem to want.


I think the most rewarding thing about volunteering is that

no matter what you do, how small you might think it is,

it always leaves an impact - both on the person you're volunteering with,

the organization you're volunteering with, and yourself.


It really changes who you are and makes you appreciate everything so much more,

Even - especially the little things.


We give you time
to give something back

Our commitment to making a positive difference in people’s lives includes the communities we touch, as well as the patients we serve.

Nowhere is this better demonstrated than in our social impact volunteering programs, which support humanitarian causes across many local communities. We not only give our people the opportunity to give something back by taking part, but we also offer paid hours every year to give you the time to do so.