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Standing with Israel: Teva Statement Regarding the Attacks on Israel and Israeli Civilians

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Teva’s Global Supply Chain ensures that we deliver quality medicines when and where our patients need them, all around the world.

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Watch the emotional conversations between Teva colleagues, patients and caregivers, and learn why the work that we do makes us so proud. This is why we are here.

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Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Teva SLE Employees in Distribution Center Israel

Explore the many ways we’re making an impact

Acting responsibly and ethically in all we do helps ensure our sustainability—allowing us to provide treatments to those who need them for years to come.

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Teva Employees in Laboratory

Teva Reports Q3 2023 Financial Results

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Caregiver support

Love Doesn’t Take a Break

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Scientists working on medicines in lab

Democratizing Science: Pharma Joins Forces with Academia

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Teva + Our Suppliers = A Greater Positive Impact

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What Does It Take to Get Our Products to 200 Million People Every Day?

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Tools & Resources for Caregivers

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Producing Quality Products that Improve Lives

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Learn about our Generic Medicines

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Sometimes the best medicine isn’t medicine alone

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Harnessing Biological Processes to Fight Disease

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Teva Employees in Laboratory in Israel

Sanofi and Teva Announce Exclusive Collaboration to Deliver Inflammatory Bowel Disease Treatment

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Watch now: Breaking Mental Health Barriers

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· Alt Image text: Mary Bartlett, Mental Health Advocate and President of the Board of Directors at National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – New York State, describes how seeing her loved one suffer from tardive dyskinesia (TD) was incredibly hard to witness.

A Loved One’s Perspective on Living with Tardive Dyskinesia

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man at work coping with migraine

Migraine at Work: How it impacts us all

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Access to Mental Health Care Program

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Building a Caregiver Team When Living with Schizophrenia

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Rachna Sood, project manager Teva, with her dog

Biosimilar Medicine Has Made a Difference to My Life

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Careers at Teva

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Make a difference to people's health, every day

Working at Teva is not just a job, it’s so much more than that. Here, you get to spend each day helping millions of people around the world enjoy healthier lives. At the same time, you’ll be joining a dedicated team, united by the strong sense that we’re building something greater than ourselves

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Life Effects Stories from Patients and Caregivers


Caregiver Time Management – Always a Work in Process

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How My Mental Health Affects My Parenting Style

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Woman with migraine writing down her daily list of achievements

Why Migraine Made Me Ditch My “To Do” List

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The Problem with Not Talking about Heart Failure

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Exercise With Asthma? Yes You Can!

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How I Learned to Stop Apologizing for My ADHD

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Caregiver and loved one in wheelchair happily living in the moment as they go for a walk

How to Let Go of Perfectionism as a Caregiver

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Living Life to the Fullest with Huntington’s Disease

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A Letter to Myself: 5 Years After My Cancer Diagnosis

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Getting the Most from Your Vacation when You Have Migraine

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Woman concerned about triggering cancer awareness month content on social media closing lid of laptop computer

Managing Mixed Emotions with Cancer Awareness Months

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Cróna and Brendan (center) sharing kiss as bridal party celebrate

Saying "I Don't" to Asthma on My Wedding Day

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Cystic fibrosis patient Tim Wotton proudly standing with his wife and baby son

Being a Dad with Cystic Fibrosis

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At Teva, we focus on the things that count

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