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Living with one or more chronic conditions affects your life in so many ways. The only people who really know what you are going through are those who have faced the same challenges for years.

With this in mind we created Life Effects, an initiative shaped by patients for patients. We’ll share stories about the reality of living with chronic conditions – and recognize the vital role of caregivers as they navigate the joys and demands of caregiving. We talk about what it's like with people who have actually been there. Together, we explore the latest science and thinking around your condition, and we hope you’ll find the contributors’ lived experiences, feelings and perspectives to be relevant and insightful.

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Caregiver Stories – Words of Wisdom from People Who’ve Been There

By Teva
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The Hidden Impact of Migraine on Millions of Women

By Teva
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Mother, father, and two young children sitting together on the sofa, talking about chronic illness and how it will affect the family's future

Coming to Terms with Chronic Illness as a Family

By Laura McKee
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How Pets Can Help Improve Your Life

By Teva
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Woman with Huntington's disease reaching out to her friends for support via text

5 Ways to Find Hope with Huntington’s Disease

By Sarah Foster
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We recognize the endless strength it takes to be a caregiver

Watch now We recognize the endless strength it takes to be a caregiver

Caring for the Caregivers

Every day, caregivers go to extraordinary lengths for the people they love. We’ve provided a variety of tools, resources and perspectives to help navigate your care journey.

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Humanizing Health

Learn more about Teva’s global awards program that recognizes and rewards local healthcare initiatives, that enhance and improve the patient and caregiver experience.

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Adam Weitz

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Top Tips for Wellbeing

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Antibiotic Resistance

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