Maintaining a Responsible and Sustainable Supply Chain

We work with more than 48,000 suppliers, who help us develop, manufacture and deliver our medicines to patients by sourcing key ingredients, stocking pharmacy shelves and so much more. Together, we are also able to extend our impact, including redesigning packaging to reduce waste and reducing energy use during operations and transport. We incorporate ESG into our work with suppliers in four key ways:

  • Considering ESG when choosing suppliers to ensure they align with our values, targets and expectations

  • Continuously tracking and assessing how our critical suppliers perform on ESG topics and helping them improve as needed

  • Educating our suppliers about ESG and Teva’s expectations and supporting them in advancing their own sustainability efforts

  • Participating in industry initiatives to keep a pulse on the changing landscape and encourage collaboration among pharmaceutical companies and our supply chain

Through our US Supplier Diversity program, we also offer business opportunities to small and diverse organizations that can provide the goods and services we need and demonstrate geographic reach and scalability.

ESG Progress Report

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