Getting Medicines to All Who Need Them

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates nearly two billion people do not have access to essential medicines—especially vulnerable populations or people living in under-resourced communities—which means they can’t afford or obtain the treatments they need.

Increasing access to medicines is fundamental to Teva’s mission. We help address this challenge by:

Providing a wide range of quality medicines. We have a broad portfolio of generic medicines, which are significantly more affordable than their brand name alternatives and, therefore, more accessible to people who need them. We also develop innovative treatments that address unmet needs across nearly all therapeutic areas. Our portfolio covers nearly half of the treatments on the WHO Essential Medicines List (EML), which includes important drugs that address key healthcare needs across the globe.

Reaching vulnerable populations. With our vast global reach and wide range of affordable medicines, we can help address health challenges around the world.  We’ve committed to launch eight access to medicines programs by 2025 with trusted partners, with at least four in low- and middle- income countries (LMICs). We have also committed to increasing our product registration in LMICs in order to make our medicines available to vulnerable populations who otherwise would not have access. Together, we provide treatments to patients across the globe who wouldn’t otherwise have them through customized programs.

Responding to emergencies and disasters. When emergencies and crises occur, we leverage our network of suppliers and partners to meet the needs of communities and patients impacted. We partner with various organizations, providing medicines in emergency situations so they can be supplied to patients who need them most.

Researching health topics. We form academic collaborations and conduct research to continuously develop evidence-based solutions that address unmet healthcare needs.

Supporting patients and caregivers, beyond medicines. In collaboration with patients, Teva developed Life Effects, a program that offers medically reviewed peer-to-peer content to people suffering from one or more chronic conditions. Recognizing their role in patients’ health and well-being, we also support caregivers through initiatives in communities across the globe. Our Humanizing Health Awards celebrate local healthcare initiatives within our company—with Teva employees voting on those they feel best demonstrate humanity to receive a monetary prize.

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