At Teva, inclusion and diversity are core values that inform our entire organization

Diversity and inclusion strengthen our communities and society as well as our own organization. We have a shared responsibility to provide equal opportunity and foster an inclusive spirit wherever we work. As a leader in generics, we are committed to closing gaps in access to healthcare, which inspires us to seek inclusion not only for our employees but also of our patients.

The Power of Our People

Learn how building a diverse and inclusive organization makes us stronger.

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Mental Health for All

A Spotlight on the Disparities in Mental Health Care

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Why Diversity in Clinical Trials is So Important

Paving Paths. Women@Teva

We recognize the influence and impact of women across Teva, and continue to strengthen our commitment to women in science and leadership roles.

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Inclusion and Diversity Make Us Stronger

Teva employees share why diversity and inclusion are important to them.

Isabel Vinas Fernandez

HR manager, Spain

Diversity, for me, is variety: including all types of people, welcoming differences and helping others to not feel different.

Ismael Sauter

Medical Affairs Advisor, Brazil

Discussions about Diversity and Inclusion create an environment with more equity and respect for our employees. The result is a plural company where we can be ourselves and our ideas gain voice.


Gusztáv Kovacs

Assoc Dir, OTC Marketing, Hungary

We're all a little different – that's why we make a good team.

Marie Evangelisto Doyle

Marie Evangelisto Doyle

Director, GLP/GCLP R&D Quality, US

To me, diversity and inclusion means not having to do more to prove myself, just to be treated equally.

Mariana Sanchez

Sr Manager, Corp Communication & Government Affairs, Mexico

Diversity is the raw material and inclusion is the craft. By making sure everyone feels safe and included we can get a beautiful artwork where all voices count and success is achieved.

Javier Telez

Sr Manager, Corp Communication & Government Affairs, Spain

Diversity unlocks innovation and drives market growth—we should intensify efforts to ensure that executive ranks both embody and embrace the power of differences.

Shakeel Shahid

Pharmacovigilance Associate, Switzerland

Inclusion helps me feel included, engaged and motivated, but also drives me to reach my personal career goals and achieve better results.

Karthik Balasubramanian

Director, Research and Development, USA

For me, inclusion and diversity is about making sure my kids can see that people who look and talk like them can succeed.

Selvinaz Kocak

Head, BI & Business Support, Switzerland

For me, inclusion and diversity means that you can be yourself and be accepted as you are. A lot of different flowers make a bouquet!

Zubair Ahmad

Manager, Quality Assurance, India

A diverse and inclusive workplace is one that makes everyone, regardless of who they are or what they do, feel equally involved and supported in all areas of the workplace.

Kim Innes

General Manager, UK and Ireland

My own personal I&D commitment is to continue to break down barriers, explore every opportunity to bring in more diverse voices, and hold people accountable for creating a welcoming and open working environment where everyone can thrive – no matter your identity or background.

Beryl A. Ojwang

Medical Science Liaison, USA

When one’s thoughts, skills, and abilities are valued and you are in an environment where you feel included, that’s when you can truly evolve and grow.

Celebrating with Pride

We’re passionate about caring for people and empowering our LGBTQ+ colleagues to bring their full selves to the workplace.

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Meet Our Experts

A diverse array of Teva professionals share their insights and experiences

Janet Vaughn, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, North America Generics

“Take time to understand someone else’s perspective based on their experience.”

Janet Vaughn, VP Regulatory Affairs, North America Generics

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Marcos Almendras

"At Teva, opportunities are always available."

Meet Marcos Almendras, Teva Chile employee for 49 years

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"The important people in the room do not care about my accent, they care about the message."

Sara Zavaleta, Senior Director of Project/Program Management

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“A mentor has to have vulnerability”

Woodrow “Woody” Dantzler III, respiratory sales specialist, Teva US

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