Anna Crollman

Anna Crollman

Patient Contributor

Anna Crollman is a breast cancer survivor and blogger. At her day job, she is a writer specializing in Wellness & Beauty content.

  • Location North Carolina, United States

Anna’s History with the Condition

Anna faced a life-threatening diagnosis of breast cancer at 27.  

After taking a break to start a family post-cancer, she will return to hormone-blocking therapy. She uses her compelling experience to inspire young women to thrive in adversity with strength, confidence, and style.

She uses her platform of over 14,000 followers to advocate for patient empowerment, education, and resources for young women facing breast cancer. Her story and blog have been featured in US News & World Report, NC Blue Cross Blue Shield, CBS17, and Raleigh News & Observer.

Anna's writing has also been featured on Women's Health, AnaOno, Living Beyond Breast Cancer, Young Survival Coalition, IHadCancer, Healthline, and more.

As well as blogging, Anna is a consultant for retail brands and healthcare companies to create breast cancer campaigns focused on patient advocacy.

She also serves on the CDC Advisory Committee for Young Women with Breast Cancer. She advises on patient experience, patient advocacy, and survivorship.

Her blog was included in the Healthline Best Blogs of 2019 and the IHadCancer Best Blogs of 2018 and 2019. You will also find her on social media.

Anna hopes to inspire other young adults to take ownership of their health, rebuild their self-confidence, and thrive after a cancer diagnosis.

The information presented is solely for educational purposes, not as specific advice for the evaluation, management, or treatment of any condition.

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