Top Tips for Wellbeing: How to Make Your Life Better

At Teva, we appreciate that good wellbeing is based on a holistic approach and to be at our best, we need to nurture our physical, mental, financial, and social needs. Read our top wellbeing tips, from meditating and getting more exercise to getting a pet.

Taking up a challenge – and climbing to success

Brigita Tetickovic, Teva General Manager Serbia & Montenegro, shares her inspiring story of taking the Triglav challenge with her team, climbing Slovenia’s tallest mountain together, which stands at an impressive 2,864 meters.

Using meditation to soothe and inspire the mind

Subhajit Goswami, Senior Director for Procurement at Teva, explains how meditation can be used to promote wellbeing and combat stressful situations in both professional and personal lives, with demonstrable results.

What We All Need to Know About Men’s Mental Health

Discover the signs that somebody may be struggling with mental health and learn about the behaviors that are more commonly found in men than in women.

Financial wellbeing – and how to achieve it

Michele Hunter, Trade Marketing Manager at Teva, talks about the importance of financial wellbeing and why it’s important to celebrate our achievements.

The importance of cyber-wellness

Staying safe online is important for our mental health. Find out more about Teva’s work in this area.

How pets can help improve your life

Spending time with animals can improve your mood, lower your stress levels, and sometimes even soothe physical and emotional pain – read our inspiring stories.

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