Meet Yuliana Katsarska: Leading Medicines Packaging for Patients

Day in a Life

A long-time and valuable member of the Teva Global Operations (TGO) manufacturing site in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria, Yuliyana takes us through her daily routine and the ways she contributes to patients' lives

My name is Yuliana Katsarska, and I am a Senior Packaging Operator in Teva Global Operations manufacturing site in Dupnitsa, Bulgaria. I've been part of this site for the past 37 years!

I joined Dupnitsa immediately after graduating from the Professional School of Ecology and Biotechnology (Prof. Dr. Assen Zlatarov) with the specialty in Chemical Technology.

I was a Packaging Operator, Batch Documentation Review Specialist and now, team leader.

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Day in a Life with Yuliyana


Yuliyana entering the facility

Every day, I get to the site before the official start of the working day. I do this because I want to meet my colleagues and prepare for my daily duties.

Yuliyana entering the locker room

At the entrance to the women's locker room, where after changing into my working uniform, another day full of adventures begins.

Yuliyana next to her packaging machine

With a smile the day passes imperceptibly. I really like talking with my colleagues, responsibly and persistently fulfill my tasks and support the work of the team that packs medicines, so everything gets to our patients safely, and on time. In Dupnitsa, we all work together for better health.

Yuliyana says she loves her work

When a person loves his job, it does not weigh him down and the working day passes easily. During my nearly four decades at the site, I had the opportunity to participate in manual packaging processes and work with many modern machines. But the most important thing is the people. With the support of my colleagues, I’m ready for every new challenge.

Yuliyana and a colleague

I very much enjoy training people, answering questions and finding solutions. Quality training and inclusion of new people is the key to the ongoing and future success of our team.

Yuliyana ensuring our products' quality

My team and I monitor all indicators and strictly comply with the company’s high standards. Quality product packaging is a top priority in our day-to-day work.

Yuliyana in the rest area

In the lounge area, I enjoy my favorite style of coffee and always try to find time for a pleasant conversations with colleagues. My colleagues are also my friends.

Yuliyana is proud to be part of Teva

I’m so proud to be part of the Teva family and our Dupnitsa site. I know that our work matters. This is where I grew, this is where I am now, and this is where I want to be in the future.

Yuliyana likes to travel the world

And yes, I also like to do plenty of things outside of work, such as traveling, explore new cultures, reading a good book and just having fun.

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