Watch: Asma from Teva Netherlands Site Really Related to Daniel's Caregiver Story


Asma Aktar from Amsterdam has worked in the complex compounding area at Teva’s Haarlem site for four years. When she saw the story of Daniel from the United Kingdom, who is a full-time caregiver for his mother and brother, she immediately thought about her own family's battle with cancer.

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My name is Asma Aktar, I am from Amsterdam, And I work here [at Teva] for 4 years now, And we make complex compounding.

My name is Daniel Harding, I am a full-time carer, for my mother and my brother.
My mom's condition is multiple myeloma.
She has it for 16 years or so, and it's a blood and bone cancer, And yeah, it's pretty, pretty harsh, it affects daily life in various ways, She's in a lot of pain, she takes a lot of painkillers and anti-depressants, and she's bedbound most of the time, she can walk very little nowadays.
You know, it can be very difficult, some days, and it is a terminal, terminal illness that she has so coming to terms with that is also difficult.
The people that make the medications that she needs, I am extremely grateful for,
Yeah - a lot more laughs, a lot more joy
It actually, to be with her, it reminds me of myself
Eternally grateful, forever.
Thank you.

Because when I was 12 I've actually been through the same, My mom also had cancer, and it actually has impacted the whole family And we are really celebrating every day with her.
So I can imagine what he is feeling, and what he is going through.
For us it's important to have a connection with the patients, 
ecause at the end of the day, the products we are making are for them.
And we have to make sure that they are getting the quality they really need
It gives me a lot of pride when I talk about my work,
And I really feel passionate about my work, because I really love it.
At the same time it's also who am I doing it for, it makes me feel good.
For me it feels good as well to see the video,
You didn't know how much you did to the family,
And yeah, it's really good to see that side as well.