Watch: Arthur's Chorea Story and Its Impact on Ufuk from Teva Germany


Arthur from Israel has Huntington's disease, which affects every aspect of his life. When he described his condition and the importance of high-quality medicines, it had quite an impact on Ufuk Aras, an operator who works on the production line in Ulm, Germany.

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My name is Ufuk Aras, I am 26 years old, I work for Teva Germany in Ulm.
I work in the production site, I am an operator.

My name is Arthur, I'm 31 years old.
I am sick with a disease that is called Huntington’s.
Huntington’s is a genetic disease.
My mother died from it 3 years ago.
This disease is takes all of my life aspects, and it's crazy.
If I want to drink a cup of coffee, it's for me - mission impossible.
And I am trying to do every day, wake up and make the best of my day.
And you probably see that I move a lot, that I dance a ‘breakdance’ It's not Breakdance - It's called Chorea.
There is nothing in the world, no doctors that know how to treat it, OK?
The only way that we can treat it, is to help us with this.
My "disco-dance" - it is a main part of the disease.
My dream is to make this world better, and to drink coffee.
I deserve and I want to be normal, And I want to say thank you to whoever works, And makes my life a little bit better, Thank you very much, you’re doing a great job.
Love you.

It's an amazing video, When I see Arthur on this video, I have no words.
Because he's a very young man, and I hope he will feel better.
After seeing this video with Arthur, I have more motivation to go, work and make quality medicine.
And I like my job.

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