"We are the link between the labs and the production line"


Manufacturing Science & Technology (MS&T) is responsible for technology and manufacturing process support for every product we make in Teva. We spoke to the female-led global team to learn more.

Every product we make at Teva has a lifecycle, and every lifecycle needs to be carefully managed. This is where the skillful MS&T team comes in.

MS&T stands for Manufacturing Science & Technology, a unit built from a global team and local teams, operating on the different Teva sites around the world. MS&T is responsible for technology and manufacturing process support for every product, from the time R&D delivers it to the sites, all the way to its launch and even beyond. It supports operations with activities such as continuous process improvement, implementation of new technologies and products, scale-up and troubleshooting.

Liron Shakoof, Product Optimization Leader, Tali Katav, Global Technology Leads Manager and Keren Weiss, Senior Director, API Manufacturing & Supply Operations MS&T Business Partner make a very proud and female-led Global MS&T team in Teva's API manufacturing segment.

Defining the work of the MS&T teams, they say: "We make scalable, robust and competitive products."

According to Liran, Tali and Keren, the team has three main goals:

  1. Technology Excellence: assisting the sites in standardizing work processes, modernization and implementation of new technologies.
  2. Building and perfecting methodologies and ways of working.
  3. Capability Building: ensuring the MS&T teams on-site have the necessary skills to perform their work, and all the needed tools for on-site experiments.

The MS&T teams are a mix of engineers, chemists and analysts that have the ability to improve product performance and efficiency when it is required, take it back to the lab for additional research and return to the shop floor with an improved result.

"We are the link between the labs and the production line," says Tali. In collaboration with the R&D and sites, the MS&T team identify opportunities to improve a product and knows how to scale it down for experiments, and scale it up again later, so it will be operational on a commercial scale.

"On-site MS&T supports process troubleshooting and makes sure that solutions can be implemented on a large scale and not just in the lab. We manage the robustness and compliance for each product," adds Liron.

"In short, MS&T is involved in everything operational on site, providing technical and process expertise. This includes constant improvements of products performance, technological support and ensuring the work is done according to the correct pharmacopeias," says Keren. "MS&T is always collaborating with Quality and Regulatory teams to deliver an efficient and compliant manufacturing process."

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