Kat Naish

Kat Naish

Patient Contributor

Kat has lived with MS and its mental health-related ups and downs for over half a decade. She loves to write and is passionate about photography.

  • Living With Condition 6 Years
  • Location: Sussex, United Kingdom

Kat's History with the Condition

Kat was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) in her mid-thirties. The diagnosis was almost entirely unexpected, delivered only six months after her first symptoms.

Since then, Kat has decided to try and live life to the fullest. She's stopped putting things off and tries to find the silver lining in every situation. 

Kat loves to write and hosts a blog about the ups and downs of living with chronic illnesses. She's also passionate about photography. 

Kat lives in the south of England, UK, with her young son and husband. Her husband also lives with anxiety and panic attacks, and Kat shares how she helps him through tough times. 

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