Todd Seals

Todd Seals

Patient Contributor

Todd Seals has advocated for prostate cancer awareness for over ten years, starting shortly after his diagnosis.

  • Location Silverlake, Washington State, United States

Todd's History with the Condition   

Todd contributes optimistic and relevant posts to many cancer awareness websites to support others who are also being treated for this life-changing disease. 

He also shares his story by writing a weekly blog about his experiences and how he manages to live a fulfilling life while battling prostate cancer. 

Todd's philosophy about life is to "live it to its fullest every day" with his wife, Amanda. Living under 50 miles from the summit of Mount St. Helens in Washington State, they enjoy hiking and snowmobiling in the winter. They also love spending weekends with family and friends on their ski boat every other season.

His life inspires everyone who knows him, especially those who have had the opportunity to read his positive and supportive articles. He is fully dedicated to supporting those with prostate cancer – locally, nationally, and globally.

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