Providing Medicines People Can Trust

About 200 million patients rely on more than 2,300 Teva products every day, entrusting their health and well-being to us. It is our responsibility to provide them with safe, high-quality medicines. We do this by focusing on: 

Patient safety. We continuously review the safety of our entire portfolio and clinical trial pipeline, quickly identify and address any safety signals and ensure products are used by patients safely. We also promote safety through other initiatives, such as providing clear and accessible instructions on the use of medicines, with pictures, large text and warnings. 

Quality manufacturing. We conduct quality testing at all our manufacturing facilities throughout the full product life cycle—from development to the pharmacy shelf. We identify and investigate any potential issues, always prioritizing patient safety. We also keep our supply chain secure and mitigate suspected counterfeit medicines. 

Ethics and transparency in clinical trials. We follow international guidelines and regulations relevant to clinical research and drug development and share information about our clinical trials publicly. We also seek to enroll diverse participants, helping us produce medicines that are safe and effective for a wider range of people, including demographics often underrepresented in clinical trials.

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