Tim Wotton

Tim Wotton

Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Patient Stories

Tim has battled the chronic lung condition cystic fibrosis all his life. Expected to only survive until 17 years old, he has defied the odds for over five decades.

  • Living With Condition 51 Years

About Tim Wotton

Born in 1971, Tim Wotton lives in South London with his wife Katie and 15-year-old son Felix. Tim works full-time as an employee communications specialist. He has battled with the chronic lung condition cystic fibrosis (CF) all his life and manages CF-related type 1 diabetes.

Tim has shared his survival and resilience techniques via his decade-long blog, award-winning memoir, and storytelling podcast. He's also done several public speaking sessions worldwide to great acclaim.

Tim’s “Power of Three” philosophy

His survival requires belief and commitment to the "Power of Three" philosophy. The tenets are:

1. Regular physical exercise

2. Medical compliance

3. Mental resilience

He follows these three golden guidelines daily without time off or remission. Tim has participated in various sports since childhood, particularly field hockey. He was a Junior Hockey English International in his youth and still plays today. Alongside hockey, Tim enjoys regular walks and visits to the gym.

Defying the odds of living with cystic fibrosis

Expected to only survive until 17 years old, Tim has defied the odds for over five decades. It hasn't been easy, but Tim has gained many precious insights on his journey. He feels empowered by sharing his life lessons to help others.

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