Sukhy Bahia

Sukhy Bahia

Sukhy Bahia lives in London with her parents and children. She was diagnosed with secondary cancer in her liver and bones in August 2022.

  • Location: London, United Kingdom


Sukhy’s History with the Condition

After she was diagnosed with primary breast cancer at 35 in 2019, Sukhy underwent a series of surgeries and cancer treatments. She was on her way to finding her feet again once she was signed off by her oncologist in March 2022.

However, less than 6 months later, Sukhy was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer in her liver and bones.

"I was ready to return to a 'normal' life and felt positive when I was hit with a life-shortening diagnosis. I'm now in the thick of trying to come to terms with the diagnosis, as well as trying to be a single mum to my kids. There are many, many lows but a good number of highs. I'm just hoping to live as best a life I can for the time I have left."

Sukhy hopes her stories can help give people with Stage 4 cancer an insight into what ups and downs life can bring, but also show that it's not all "doom and gloom."

She currently lives in London with her parents and children. In her spare time, Sukhy volunteers for a charity while taking on more hobbies than she can keep up with.

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