Michelle Rivas

Michelle Rivas

Michelle is a health and wellness writer and communications director in Chicago. Michelle received her undergraduate degree in Journalism from Arizona State University and her master's degree in Health Communication from DePaul University.

  • Living with condition: 8 Years
  • Location: Chicago, US

About Michelle Rivas

As a health and wellness aficionado, Michelle can frequently be found running around Chicago training for a marathon, trying new gyms and classes, and trying to perfect her grandmother's arroz con pollo recipe with cauliflower rice. She was a Hispanicize TECLA Award finalist in 2015, received the Latina Magazine 30 Under 30 Award, the Best Latina Blogger Award in 2014, and the Cosmo for Latinas Blogger Award in 2013.  

A brief history with condition

Michelle was diagnosed with asthma as an adult in her early twenties and has lived with asthma for 6 years. As an avid runner, she was not willing to let asthma keep her from doing the races and activities she loved. She hopes her writing will inspire others to remain active with asthma and take control of their health.

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