Martin Gallagher

Martin Gallagher

Patient Contributor

Martin Gallagher speaks candidly about parenting, depression, and anxiety in his blog, "Learning to Dad."

  • Location: Wales, United Kingdom

Martin's History with the Condition

Martin writes to raise awareness of depression and challenge toxic masculine perceptions (especially those from the patriarchal Irish Traveler community from which he hails). He often uses a straight-talking but humorous approach to mental illness and parenting.

Not afraid to speak about the discrimination directed towards his Gypsy, Romani, and Irish Traveler (GRT) heritage, Martin is happy to address the misconceptions surrounding the Irish Traveler lifestyle.

In his work, he reflects on how much discrimination can affect an entire community's mental health.

Martin says:

"When I was 27 years old, I woke up paralyzed from the neck down and didn't think I would see past that day. It wasn't until the doctors told me I'd had a severe anxiety attack that I thought I could have depression.

"From that day, I began to take my mental health seriously.

"Now diagnosed with depression, stress, and anxiety, I realize I've had these issues all my life. They were probably caused by the racism and discrimination I encountered and the pressure to hide my identity.

"Since my diagnosis, I have continued on my journey. I'm still learning to live with my condition and recognize the ups and downs. 

"Writing about my experiences has helped me come to terms with my mental health. It is an incredibly effective coping strategy. I believe that talking openly about depression has saved my life."

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