Cróna Tansey

Cróna Tansey

Cróna is a 27 year old, primary school teacher from Ireland. She was diagnosed with asthma in her early childhood, however, the severity of her asthma has varied greatly throughout her life.

  • Location: Louth, Ireland

About Cróna Tansey

Cróna enjoys an active lifestyle and is a regular gym goer. She enjoys yoga and Pilates too. Cróna loves to travel and visit new countries during the school holidays. This lifestyle is only possible when her asthma is consistently managed.

Cróna is an Asthma Advocate for the Asthma Society of Ireland. Cróna's role as an advocate is to raise awareness about the condition by sharing her experiences with others. Cróna has carried out several radio interviews and appeared on Ireland AM in 2019 as part of the Asthma Society of Ireland's 'Asthma Awareness Week'.