Leading a Responsible Business

ESG is everyone's business at Teva

Teva’s renewed environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy guides how we advance health and equity, minimize our impact on the planet and dedicate ourselves to quality, ethics and transparency.

How we maintain business integrity and protect the environment and our employees.

At Teva, a responsible business is one that enacts and enforces strong practices and controls to ensure all activities are carried out ethically. As a global company that influences the health and safety of millions of people, we recognize our responsibility to conduct our business with integrity. We lead a responsible business by promoting compliance, ethics and transparency, protecting the environment, improving sustainability across our supply chain, ensuring patient safety and engaging and supporting our people.

Compliance, Ethics and Transparency Compliance, Ethics and Transparency

Our 360-degree approach to compliance fosters a culture of ethics and honesty.

Environmental Sustainability Environmental Sustainability

As the leading supplier of generic medicines and with 70 manufacturing facilities around the world, it is our responsibility to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and requirements designed to protect the environment.

Supply Chain Supply Chain

We expect the highest ethical standards throughout our supply chain, as suppliers play an integral role in ensuring we provide quality medicines to patients every day.

Patient Safety Patient Safety

Teva has a comprehensive, transparent and uncompromising approach to medicine quality and safety.

Our People Our People

It is our responsibility to invest in our employees’ well-being and success and provide an enriching, rewarding work environment.

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