"Every decision we take is exceptionally important, which makes my role very interesting"

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Meet the Expert: Sivan Ranon, who manages global supply chain for Teva's Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) organization and end-to-end planning for two of Teva's specialty medicines, discusses her responsibilities, excitement about what we make, and best memory of her time with Teva

My belief is that work with real purpose keeps you passionate. In my field, supply chain, you can work for any industry. But being part of a pharmaceutical organization like Teva comes with the understanding of the importance of the products we make and supply. I feel part of something big, with a real essence to it. We all know people who take our medicines, and some are our family members, so we must deliver consistently for their health.

My name is Sivan Ranon. I manage the global supply chain for Teva's Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) organization, as well as the end-to-end planning for two of Teva's specialty medicines. I've been part of Teva for the past 12 years, starting my journey as a Supply Chain Planner in our oral solids manufacturing site. I then transferred to the respiratory manufacturing site and eventually became the Site's General Manager before I joined the Global Supply Chain team.

I really enjoy the dynamic environment in which Teva operates. In the Supply Chain team, we experience many of the macroeconomic and geopolitical impacts that many other businesses do. We need to be able to quickly respond to suppliers that work with us and, of course, our patients, who must have access to medicines. My current and previous roles really helped me understand the full picture of the pharmaceutical world, which makes me better at my job today.

My job is fascinating. No day is similar to the other! I like the challenges, as they satisfy me at the end of the day. Our biggest challenge in Supply Chain is to ensure that Teva lives up to its commitments. We are always working hard to optimize our processes to be able to deliver high-quality medicines to 200 million patients around the world every day. Every decision a Supply Chain Planner takes is exceptionally important, which makes this role very interesting.

What I appreciate about Teva is that our people are at the center, and it is not just a slogan. I clearly saw this in the early days of COVID-19 when uncertainty was everywhere around the world. Teva took quick action and made a big investment to make sure that operators were protected. When people in risk groups couldn't come to work, I saw Teva finding real solutions and providing them what they needed for their safety, without disrupting our manufacturing and supply. These were tough times, but Teva's reaction to them was uplifting and stayed with me for a long time.

I am a woman, a spouse and a mother, and I think I am better in each of these because of my dedication to my career. I learn how to be sensitive in different situations that occur, and how to multi-task and develop soft skills. I get home every day to my family a fulfilled and satisfied woman. I have a boy with special needs, who takes some of the medicines I help make and deliver, so it adds to the pride I have in what I do.

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