At the heart of the forest, an environmental campaign is affecting everyday lives

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Teva's Debrecen, Hungary manufacturing site employees know that protecting the environment is high priority. This is where the ECO Cool campaign fits in, and provides knowledge and interactive activities with great values.

In the quiet city of Debrecen, Hungary, you'll find one of Teva's largest manufacturing sites, where we produce Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and generic medicines.

In recent months, in order to support Teva's global Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) strategy and commitment, our Debrecen site has been operating a special program, called "ECO Cool". The year-long campaign is designed to educate and encourage employees, as well as their family members, to meet different environmental goals, including reducing and improving energy use, managing waste smartly, recycling, saving water and more.

"ESG has been in the spotlight at Teva for quite a while now, so I was thinking what would be the best way for us to contribute to the cause," recalls Csilla Ferenczi, the site's Communications Specialist that led the ECO Cool campaign along with her colleagues, Norbert Asztalos, Director Site Engineer; Gábor Füredi, Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Group Leader; and Gergely Balazs Szücs, Energetic Project Lead from the Engineering department.

While the campaign activities vary, the underlying goal remains the same: To keep an ongoing discussion about environmental topics. This goal is achieved, for example, by sharing ESG success stories every Friday, inviting kids to submit creations made out of recycled materials and win prizes on "Family Day", and promoting cycling as a means of transportation on the site's 70th anniversary celebrations: Participating employees will ride their bikes to work for 70KM in throughout the month of June. Every activity has an ESG aspect to it, ideas keep coming and the collaboration between teams and functions on site gets better and better, as everyone understands the importance of this campaign and aim for the same goals.

"It's a highly important campaign for Teva and for the employees, because we need to take care of our planet, for the sake of our children and ourselves," says Füredi. "I am excited to see the engagement of our people and their contributions, from small to big things, to create a sustainable future," adds Asztalos, and Szücs concludes: "Since we kicked off the ECO Cool campaign, people are telling me it is really affecting their everyday lives."

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