Our global network of employees and manufacturing facilities works around the clock to deliver products to patients in more than 60 countries.

Every hour there is a plane in the air, a ship on the seas or a truck on the road delivering Teva medicines to pharmacies and hospitals. Our ambition is that our patients get the right medicine where and when they need it.


Teva in North America

Teva is the leading generic medicine company in North America, where 1 of every 9 prescriptions in the US and 1 of every 6 generic prescriptions in Canada is filled with a Teva product. Teva also has a specialty medicines branded business in North America which focuses on conditions of the central nervous system (CNS – including neurology and pain care), respiratory, oncology, and other disease areas.

Teva in Europe

With headquarters in The Netherlands, Teva Europe employs over 20,000 people across more than 30 countries in the region; over 76 nationalities comprising a diverse and dynamic workforce. Teva Europe includes R&D, manufacturing and commercial offices. We market a range of specialty medicines, generic medicines, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and OTC products – selling close to 1000 products across EU markets. We’re one of Europe’s biggest providers of tried-and-trusted quality generic medicines. Every single minute of every day, approximately 2,500 Teva packs are dispensed in the EU. Teva Europe estimates that we save some €8 billion each year from Europe’s healthcare budget by supplying cost-effective treatments.

Teva in International Markets

Teva has a focused and effective commercial footprint in 27 international markets, including key Latin America countries, Russia and Eastern Europe, Israel, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, China and Japan. With our professional, multi-cultural workforce, we provide a high-quality portfolio of specialty medicines, generics and biopharmaceuticals, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and over-the-counter products. Teva is already a leader in key international markets, and we continue working to strengthen our presence and expand treatment options for the patients who need them.