For Researchers

Data Sharing with Qualified External Researchers

Teva is committed to sharing both patient-level and study-level clinical trial data, as well as protocols from clinical trials using Teva Specialty Branded products that were approved in the United States (US) and European Union (EU) as of January 2014, to aid in conducting legitimate research. Access will be granted to de-identified patient-level data, protocols, and statistical analysis plans if a formal request is approved by a review panel. Teva will consider the scientific merit of the proposed research, the protection of clinical trial participant information, the publication plan for trial results, and the protection of commercially confidential information before deciding whether to share clinical trial data.

Please visit to make your request.


Compassionate Use Programs

Teva supports requests for participation in compassionate use programs (CUPs) that meet the criteria outlined in our policy. Compassionate use provides a pathway for patients to gain access to investigational drugs, biologics, and medical devices for serious diseases or conditions that might not otherwise be available.

If you are a patient, Teva’s current CUPs offer a mechanism for access to our investigational medicines, including drugs and biologics, outside of clinical trials when deemed appropriate, in the best interest of the patient, and consistent with Teva’s strategy. Please contact your healthcare provider to inquire about requesting compassionate use.

If you are licensed prescriber and wish to submit an CUP request on behalf of a patient, please submit this web form or download it here. Teva will respond within one business day to confirm receipt of the request and outline next steps.