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‘Biosimilars are advancing more treatment options for patients’

Cory Wohlbach is responsible for steering Teva’s new biosimilar products through the regulatory approval process. He explains what biosimilars are, how they have the potential to reduce costs for patients and how patient safety is always a top priority.

“Half the world’s people lack access to medicines”.

Giancarlo Francese works to helps improve access to medicines for some of the world’s poorest people. His job is a challenging one: to help improve the health of millions of people – as quickly as possible. Here he discusses an important campaign to get cancer drugs to children in Malawi, and how the death of a childhood friend influenced his decision to pursue a career in the health industry.

‘I’ve seen the impact that asthma and COPD can have.’

Xinyu Liu develops digital products and devices to help patients better manage their conditions. Xinyu explains why this is an unusual role in a pharmaceutical company and how she sees her job as being an advocate for patients.

‘Patients who relied on their medicine before COVID19 rely on them just as much today.’

Meet Teva’s active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) unit for generic medicines. Backed by a team of scientists, the sales team helps hundreds of pharmaceutical companies develop new medicines, working around the clock to provide them with the essential ingredients needed to make the products a reality. When it comes to the pandemic, they say “we haven’t stopped!”

“I used to design telephones but I find this far more rewarding”

Mike Smith works on the development of medical devices and combination products, such as auto-injectors and pre-filled syringes, which dispense drugs into the body. It is precise and painstaking work as the wrong dosage could have significant consequences for patients.

“I live with migraine so this is personal for me”

Meet our migraine expert, Dr Joshua Cohen, as he shares his own story of living with migraine and explains the impact the disease can have on patients.

“We treat each unit of medicine like it’s the only one we’re making.”

Meet Hikmat Adamu, a supervisor in Teva’s manufacturing facility in Runcorn, U.K. With half a million units produced by her team every day, rigorous checks and balances are needed to ensure every single unit is sterile, secure, and safe for patient use.

“I take several of the medicines that we tested here”

Meet Paula, who runs Teva’s dedicated clinical trial facility in Florida. A lot of work goes in to researching and testing drugs to make sure patients receive safe, quality medicine. Read Paula’s story and see how it’s done.

“Most of my friends have no concept of what I do”

Meet Amy Hassett, who works in Teva’s Engineering department. Explore how Amy makes people’s lives easier and ultimately makes sure medicines come off the packaging line as quickly and smoothly as possible.

“I always try to lead by example”

Meet Romana Santar, a Site General Manager based in Zagreb, Croatia. As part of International Women’s Day, Romana tells us how she leads by example, why women and men should fight for equality, and how she escapes to her vegetable garden to solve her problems.