Patient Safety is Our Priority

Patient safety is at the heart of all we do. Our medicines undergo exhaustive safety monitoring and quality assurance processes at every stage of a medicine's lifecycle: from raw material sourcing, research and development, clinical trials, production, all the way through delivery. In adherence to a strict, companywide Code of Conduct that also pertains to our suppliers and external network of partners, our safety professionals monitor, identify, analyze and report potential risks associated with the use of a Teva medicinal product or device. 

Any medicine, no matter how safe and effective, can sometimes cause side effects.  We take our obligation to report product safety information to health authorities very seriously and all of us at Teva share responsibility for improving the lives of patients and meeting regulatory obligations to forward safety information concerning Teva products.  We maintain a single global safety database that monitors the safety of our medicines to ensure patient safety.


If you think you have experienced a side effect or unexpected reaction from a Teva medicine, speak to the healthcare professional who prescribed the medicine or contact your pharmacist as soon as you can.

To enable us to continuously monitor the safety of Teva products, please also report to Teva the side effect using the form in our Contact Us page  by choosing “Product Information > Report a Side Effect.”

We are committed to absolute transparency, working in accordance with health authorities around the world in every aspect of research, development, manufacturing, and delivery. In addition, we encourage patients and caregivers to contact us or their physicians if they experience any side effect that might be related to one of our medicines. By keeping our promise to patient safety, we can continue to help improve the health of generations of patients using Teva products for years to come.

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