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Receiving treatment for an illness can be tough - and sometimes, the best medicine isn't medicine alone.

Teva's "Humanizing Health" program recognizes and rewards non-profit organizations around the globe, who support patients and caregivers with unique initiatives that go the extra mile.

Their creative initiatives, ranging from actions of great emotional significance to innovative and unique solutions, help patients and caregivers feel valued and cared for.

These exceptional endeavors ease the patient journey, infusing humanity into the core of healthcare. 

These initiatives touched our hearts and we have chosen to celebrate and award the winning organizations across various countries, to allow them to continue providing supportive experiences to enable patients to forget they are patients, even just for a moment.

We all share one goal:

To embrace the care that comes from the heart.

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At Teva, we understand that caring for a patient is about more than just medicine

Watch video At Teva, we understand that caring for a patient is about more than just medicine

Being a patient or caregiver can be frightening

Being a patient or a caregiver can be frightening. It can mean a lack of control, a lack of independence and occasionally feeling a loss of dignity. You rely on others to support and care for you in hospitals or healthcare facilities that can sometimes feel cold and clinical, unfamiliar and unwelcoming. At Teva, we believe the experience should incorporate empathy, humanity, dignity and compassion.

That’s why we created the Humanizing Health Awards

Humanizing Health is a global awards program run by Teva in local markets. The program recognizes and rewards healthcare initiatives which go the extra mile, to enhance and improve the patient and caregiver experience by infusing more humanity through dynamic, supportive and inspiring local initiatives. 

In each of the countries where the Humanizing Health program takes place, health and care organizations have the opportunity to submit their initiatives into a local awards program once a year, to be considered for a monetary prize that aims to support, enhance and expand their activities.

What makes a winner

Ultimately we are looking for the initiatives which have a long-lasting and uniquely positive impact on the patient experience, either directly or through impact on their families, and which can continue to support patients into the future.

Does your initiative stand out from the crowd or show a different way of doing things?  Does it use creativity to make illness and recovery from illness a better, more human experience? We’d love to hear from you.

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Find Inspiration

Take a look at local winning initiatives in previous years that reflect what this program is all about.

Humanizing Health

Winners 2021


Fundación Ludovica

The foundation provides mothers and children a warm transit home, close to hospital, over the course of their treatment. The home has 30 rooms, private bathrooms, games, joy, and entertainment, aimed at meeting social needs of patients and families, reducing hospitalization time, and providing outpatient treatments, wherever possible


Fundación Nuestros Hijos

Mental health treatment for mothers of children with cancer living in sheltered housing – particularly important during the pandemic as many mothers have had to stop visiting their children due to Covid-19.


‘We Are Not Alone’

This association supports female cancer patients, together with their family members, and develops projects promoting the importance of preventative medical exams for women.


Ready for MS – Greek Society for MS

This project strengthens the mental skills of people with multiple sclerosis, aimed at enhancing their psychological flexibility, mental resilience and consequently, their quality of life, for the immediate and long term.


Soleterre Onlus

Psychological and emotional support for children with cancer (and their families), undergoing treatment at the Policlinico San Matteo of Pavia, center of Italian excellence for pediatric oncology.


Pausas Breves by Associação Cuidadores

The “Quick Pauses” project is a specific, innovative service that allows informal caregivers a 2-hour rest, on a weekly basis, whilst a volunteer looks after their patients.


Terapia de estimulación emocional para personas con alzheimer

AFA Huelva project offers Alzheimer patients stimulation of all areas affected by the disease (cognitive, physical, functional, behavioral, and social), with the objective of slowing down the evolution of the disease and trying to make the patient as autonomous as possible, for as long as possible.

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