Caring for yourself while caring for others

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Research* shows 43% of the global population supports a family member or loved one with long-term medical conditions. More than one in 5 caregivers say they have completely changed their daily routine as a result.



say their role as caregiver has negatively impacted their other relationships.


say caregiving takes a large emotional toll on them.


say they do not have enough support to properly care for the person they are looking after.

Tips for Caregivers



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Don’t try to do this alone.

Reach out to loved ones, medical professionals, NGOs and your community.


Make sure you get enough rest

This includes time for yourself and setting boundaries on what you can do.


Man with pain

Don’t neglect aches and pains

Caregiving can be physical work and you might be straining your body. See a healthcare professional before it gets worse.


Let go of guilt

You won’t be perfect all the time. But you are enough.


Fill your own cup

Don’t stop doing things that make you happy. You need as much care as anyone else.

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For more tips from experts and other carers, please visit the Caregivers section on this site.

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