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Rachna Sood, Project Manager Employee Experience with Teva UK, was diagnosed with the autoimmune condition, lupus, more than 20 years ago. Following a period of more frequent and aggressive flare ups a few years ago, she was also diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disease. This condition affected her lungs and resulted in pulmonary lung fibrosis, more commonly known as progressive lung disease. She shares why biosimilars matter to her health and why she is proud of Teva’s focus on them.

It means so much to me that Teva has started to focus more on investing in biosimilar medicines as I use one personally to help manage my conditions.

Even though I work at Teva, I’d not really heard a lot about this class of drug when I was diagnosed. Up to this point I’d always been fit and healthy, making sure I exercised, ate well and generally led a healthy lifestyle and I never thought I would need them personally.

I’d never smoked, so it was a total shock when the consultant said my lungs were the equivalent of someone who had spent ‘50 years down a mining pit’ and, as a result of my conditions, even going up the stairs had become a huge and quite painful effort.

I was really proud to see a company email about Teva’s work on biosimilars as I take one of the medicines that we’ve launched. We’re at the forefront of making these important medicines available to even more people. Biosimilars have made a difference to me personally so I understand the impact that these medications may have for other patients.

Personally, biosimilars have helped enable me to manage my condition and, of course, there are good and bad days. But it means that on the good days I can do activities such as walk my adorable labradoodle, Snoopy, swim a few lengths in the pool, spend time with family and friends, and wake up feeling hopeful.

Teva’s investment in biosimilars reflects its passion and commitment to making a difference to patients like me. For me, everyday things that many of us take for granted are only possible with my infusions, so I want to say a big thank you.


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