Celebrating Tenure | Meet Marcos Almendras, Teva Chile employee for 49 years!

Tenured employment is often thought of as a thing of the past, as career longevity has been redefined by each generation. At Teva, the average employee spends 10.5 years developing their career. There is something to be said for the knowledge and commitment of the individual who grows as the organization grows. We believe in consistent employee engagement, challenge and growth for our employees – tenure is proof of concept. It has always been a big part of our culture here at Teva and we hope it will continue with every new hire. During our 120th year anniversary, we are celebrating some of our longest-term employees.

On 17 March 1972, Marcos Almendras joined Laboratorio Chile to do his professional internship as an accountant in finance. Today, 49 years later, he has become one of Teva's longest-term employees.

"The Company gave me everything. A wife, whom I met here because she also worked with Teva. With her, I formed a beautiful family with three children. Today they are all professionals and have given me three grandchildren," he says proudly, recalling how he met María Alicia, his wife. "When I finished my internship in Finance, I was hired to work in HR, in remuneration. At that time, in the 1970s, salaries were personally delivered in envelopes to the workers. That allowed me to meet a lot of people, and that's how I met her. We fell in love and the following year we got married, we have been together for 48 years”.

Teva not only allowed him to meet the love of his life, but also gave him the opportunity to specialize and further his education. "I received two scholarships from the company, which enabled me to specialize in Human Resources. I´m very grateful for that, because that allowed me to grow and adapt to the times. Now I am taking an English course. I have always taken advantage of the training opportunities offered by Teva” Marcos graduated five years ago with a degree in business administration engineering. He studied at the age of 60, in the evenings, while working in the laboratory.

As one of the longest-term employees he would like to give a message to those who have just joined. "At Teva, opportunities are always available, you just need to be patient and persevere. The management is always open and available to facilitate opportunities and help their workers to achieve their goals. Take advantage of that, and you will grow", concludes Marcos, emphasizing that he is tremendously proud to belong to the leading pharmaceutical company in generics in Chile and the world, improving the lives of million people around the globe.

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