Celebrating Tenure: Meet József Szendi, Teva Hungary employee for 49 years!

Tenured employment is often thought of as a thing of the past, as career longevity has been redefined by each generation. At Teva, the average employee spends 10.5 years developing their career. There is something to be said for the knowledge and commitment of the individual who grows as the organization grows. We believe in consistent employee engagement, challenge and growth for our employees – tenure is proof of concept. It has always been a big part of our culture here at Teva and we hope it will continue with every new hire. During our 120th year anniversary, we are celebrating some of our longest-term employees.

József Szendi joined the Teva Hungary in 1972, working with Teva for nearly 50 years. Teva/Biogal was his first job, where he became proficient in his work, where he met his wife, and – last but not least – where his love for sports started. 

József started his career as an electrician, and today is an engineering/maintenance technician. "My team, we are responsible for the heart of the Debrecen plant." He was still a student when he arrived at the Teva Debrecen plant. All of his development he credits to his mentor back then, who taught him the ins and outs of his profession and inspired him to improve his knowledge and skills. During the years, he made friends with his professional mentor, who in addition to professional discussions, was also there to share a good football story.

Eventually, József met his wife when she was working at the payroll accounting department. "It was love at first sight." They have two children and three grandchildren.

József Szendi, Teva Hungary employee for 49 years!

Working as an engineering/maintenance technician has its challenges and requires a responsible approach. József was there when there was an all-night power outage in the factory, and as a team, they managed to eliminate the issue in a couple of hours. He and his team are responsible for providing the plants, offices and labs with electrical power.

With his thorough experience, knowledge and professional skills, he continues to support the site and is an invaluable employee to Teva. József says he has much to thank for his time at Debrecen: the love for his profession, his team-oriented mindset, his friends and also his wife whom he met here. He is glad to recall all the joyful years he’s spent at the company so far, and he’s always had time for some good football after work.

"One of the strengths of the Debrecen plant is that experienced colleagues with manifold professional skills make the young ones learn and – even more importantly – love their profession." 

Back then he was encouraged by his teachers to spend his apprenticeship at the company. "I was always told that this Teva plant would be standing here in 100 years. I think they were right. And I believe that we’ll be here 100 years later, too, working as one team to supply our quality products to patients around that world that rely on Teva medicines. I tell the same thing to young people looking to work here."

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