A First-of-its-Kind: Teva's New Cyber Wellness Center

A new center in Goa, India, supported by Teva, has set up a program about mental health and the importance of cyber wellness and safe internet practices. How does it work?

It is no secret that in the 21st century, the internet has become an integral part of the lives of billions around the world. The ability to easily connect and interact with others and access limitless information has many benefits, but can sometimes create negative situations. This is why "cyber wellness" is such a hot topic these days.

Cyber wellness is the positive and educated use of the internet, and helps us understand how to behave when we are online, avoid obstacles and be aware of unwanted results.

As a global company operating in 60 countries around the world, we at Teva understand the importance of cyber wellness. We enjoy interacting safely and smartly with colleagues and customers across many countries and regions, and want to contribute to the communities where we live and work. We do this by delivering quality products and also, through social activities.

True to this belief, our team in Teva India recently supported in collaboration with "Responsible Netism", a local Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) the inauguration of a first-of-its-kind Cyber Wellness Center in the state of Goa. "During the pandemic, internet usage in India quickly increased and with it, the unsafe and uneducated usage," says Prasad Shivalkar, Director of Corporate Affairs at Teva India. "With that in mind, we identified the need to think outside of the box with this project, which is definitely one of the most unique we have done. We always support local schools and hospitals where we operate, and with this project we wanted to give the community something else, that will also be valuable."

The new center is part of Teva India's Environment, Society & Governance (ESG) initiative, focused on helping the community in the areas of health, education, environment and empowerment of women. "There's a void that needs to be filled in India in regards to cyber safety and practices, and the effects of excessive and uneducated internet use," explains Rudradaman Singh, Communications Specialist for Teva India and one of the project leaders. "This is what this center plans to do."

The center in Goa is focused on mental wellbeing for different groups, including children, youth, women and senior citizens, who may be exposed to unsafe Internet use that can potentially result in mental health disorders. Visitors to the center will be able to meet the staff and receive important information, support and a variety of tools to encourage cyber wellness. In addition, the center's team of psychiatrists, psychologists and lecturers will travel to schools in Goa to provide support and education on the importance of cyber wellness. Overall, the 3-year education program, which Teva is committed to support, is expected to reach 50,000 students and a total of 364,000 beneficiaries.

Dr. Pramod Sawant, the Honorable Chief Minister of Goa, which is the highest government authority in the state, attended the inauguration ceremony of the center and warmly acknowledged Teva's efforts to the benefit of the local community.

Wellbeing has been under threat since the COVID-19 pandemic began - 85% of people recently surveyed by the Harvard Business Review said their wellbeing has declined during this time. Cyber Wellness plays an important part in our wellbeing and unsafe use of internet can effect it negatively, and have implications on our wellbeing, such as mental health difficulties. We are committed to work in order to strengthen the wellbeing of our employees and our communities and we make sure to pay attention and bring this subject to the center of the discourse, as wellbeing is not just something that is "nice to have", but one of the most important parameters in our day-to-day life. It highlights the desire to live at our best, physically, emotionally and mentally. September at Teva will be Wellbeing Month, because we understand that prioritizing wellbeing benefits our employees and their work-life balance, and can enhance organizational performance. When we feel good, we do good, personally and professionally.

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