Celebrating Pride, Creating Connections

Four steps we can all take to create a more inclusive work environment for everyone.

This year, we’re celebrating Pride by harnessing the power of inclusivity in the workplace. What does this look like? A working environment where our employees feel valued, understood, respected, and supported collectively.

What we’re doing to create a more inclusive environment

At Teva, everyone plays a role in fostering an inclusive workplace environment. That’s why we’ve invited our employees to support their fellow LGBTQ+ coworkers by making new connections and also by looking beyond the unfair biases.

One of the main biases members of the LGBTQ+ community face is heteronormativity bias, which assumes everyone is heterosexual. This bias can manifest in unconscious microaggressions – subtle and often unintentional behaviors that may be hurtful to LGBTQ+ individuals.

These could include using gendered language or misgendering someone, asking questions about someone's sexual orientation or gender identity, or making assumptions about behavior or appearance based solely on identity.

We value and regard each one of our employees. We’ve encouraged every member of our community to think about some of the unconscious biases they might hold and to consider what can be done on a personal level to make someone else feel included.

Positive steps towards greater workplace inclusivity

At an organizational level, we have developed policies and initiatives against discrimination and set up employee communities with the collective goal of promoting a more inclusive workspace.

On a personal level, small changes to daily routines could make all the difference. We’re asking Teva people to:

  1. Stay informed: From Alan Turing to Billie Jean King, members of the LGBTQ+ community have helped shape the course of history with inspiring contributions. Reading up on these notable individuals could provide valuable insight into this community.
  2. Learn from listening: Take time to tune into the experiences and perspectives of an LGBTQ+ team member to shine a light on their unique situation or challenges.
  3. Use inclusive language: Respect everyone’s gender identity and sexual orientation by using inclusive language.
  4. Speak out: Support the LGBTQ+ community by speaking out and reporting any form of discrimination or harassment.

Being an ally or a friend to members of the LGBTQ+ community can be expressed in various forms. Creating a work environment where everyone feels valued and accepted is a shared responsibility in which everyone can play a part.

We’re in it together

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