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Along the way you might also learn how they keep medicines safe from criminal gangs, what makes your simple medicine box is so much more than you’d ever have thought, and why Polymorph V makes for the best chocolate…

“Meet the

“As a woman leader, I strive to bring patience, empathy and support to the table”

Meet the Expert: Dr. Radha Shekar

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"I think the fact that I'm a musician contributes to the fact that I'm a scientist"

Barak Zohar, Associate Director, Head of Bioprocess Technologies, CMC Biosimilars

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“A mentor has to have vulnerability”

Woodrow “Woody” Dantzler III, respiratory sales specialist, Teva US

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“Change is the key element of career success”

Meet the Expert: Peng Sun, Head of Regulatory Affairs at Teva China

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“I knew from a young age that I wanted to study chemistry”

Ivana Šoljić Jerbić, Lead Scientist Teva Croatia: Teva pharmaceuticals

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“One of the most important traits of a good leader is vision”

Sebastian Horn, MD Head of Global Patient Safety and Pharmacovigilance: Teva Pharmaceuticals

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Janet Vaughn, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, North America Generics

“Building relationships is just as important as the technical aspects of my role”

Meet Janet Vaughn, VP Regulatory Affairs, North America Generics.

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“One of the most important attributes for developing people is listening”

Susie Freda, Senior Director, Global Procurement, Marketing, Sales & Professional Services

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“I always try to lead by example”

Romana Santar, Head of API Production

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Dr Riad Dirani

“This ‘invisible pandemic’ is one of the biggest global health challenges”

Dr Riad Dirani, Vice President for Global Health Economics and Outcomes Research

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"Biosimilars are advancing more treatment options for patients."

Cory Wohlbach, Global VP for Biosimilar Regulatory Affairs

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“I take several of the medicines that we tested here”

Paula Turner, Senior Director for Clinical Operations

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“I used to design telephones but I find this far more rewarding”

Mike Smith, Product Designer

“Most of my friends have no concept of what I do”

Amy Hassett, Engineering Project Manager

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“700,000 people die every year because of fake TB and malaria drugs”

Kris van Deuren, Director of Corporate Security

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“My role is to protect patients by protecting our medicines”

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“If I could tell patients one thing, it would be this…”

Vanesa Ivetic Tkalcevic, Lead Pharmacovigilance Professional

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“There’s always a reason why people do something unsafe”

Jack da Graaf, Head of Environment, Health and Safety

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“I try not to overdo it with polymorph V”

Masa Rajic Linaric, Associate Director for Physical Characterization (R&D)

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“I worked on aircraft with the Royal Air Force…my career went from there”

Rebecca Shepherd, Engineering Team Leader

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“I take several of the medicines that we tested here”

Mar Gimeno, Vice President for Global Supply Chain Planning

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We believe in the value of diversity and inclusion, and our employees look at the bigger picture together – across the company, around the world, from diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and disciplines. We work as One Teva, to find innovative and creative solutions to the healthcare challenges of today and tomorrow.

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