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Couple snuggling on couch, having fun despite asthma

What to Do When Asthma Is a Relationship Buzzkill

By Michelle Rivas
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Cróna and Brendan (center) sharing kiss as bridal party celebrate

Managing Asthma and Breathing Easy on My Wedding Day

By Cróna Tansey
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The Problem with Not Talking about Heart Failure

By Rob Obey
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Senior man being hugged and comforted by his wife as he deals with worries about heart failure.

6 Things to Know about Your Partner with Heart Failure

By Rob Obey
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Happy couple eating ice cream cones, romance thriving despite the distractible symptoms that can come with ADHD

ADHD and Long-Term Relationships: 7 Tips to Keep the Spark Alive

By Nerris Nassiri
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Couple holding hands on beach at sunset striving for emotional and physical intimacy after cancer treatment.

How I Rekindled Intimacy Despite Prostate Cancer

By Todd Seals
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How to Navigate Toxic Relationships with Depression

By Bryce Evans
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