Global Leadership in Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Delivering the broadest global portfolio in the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) industry, and with a track-record of excellence for over 80 years, Teva api is your ideal API partner.

A standalone business unit of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Teva api supplies high-quality APIs to over 1,000 customers worldwide. Teva api's portfolio is comprised of more than 400 quality APIs manufactured at 16 state-of-the-art production facilities, employing over 5,000 highly-trained professionals. Teva api is fully committed to environmental, health and safety (EHS) matters to ensure sustainable supplies.

At Teva api, we take our partnerships with our customers very seriously, and we view our partners’ success as our own. Our extensive expertise and knowledge accrued over many years provides significant added value to our partners. We work tirelessly to help our customers effectively deliver high-quality generic and innovative products to different markets. Continuously nurturing these fruitful partnerships through close cooperation, Teva api offers superior product quality and end-to-end support. We do this by assigning designated personnel to each customer, including highly-responsive customer service representatives, account managers and scientific and logistical support, as well as R&D, QA, RA, IP and marketing personnel.

At Teva api, we continually improve our practices to stay ahead. Our focus on efficiency strives to give our product the competitive edge in the global marketplace. With significant economy-of-scale advantages and back-integration capabilities, Teva api places great importance on streamlining API development, production, and product life-cycle management (PLM) processes. Our scientists are known for their expertise in chemical synthesis, fermentation, high potency, plant extract, synthetic peptides, vitamin D derivatives, prostaglandins, analytical science, powder technology and solid-3 state characterization.

In addition, our expert RA and QA teams maintain the highest global standards of quality and regulatory compliance.

Moreover, Teva api proactively initiates unannounced inspections of our sites and conducts regular product reviews. This ensures we are prepared for frequent FDA, MHRA/TGA and national MOH audits. We rigorously monitor our key raw materials suppliers and management units, and continuously adjust to new FDA regulations regarding APIs.

Providing far more than active pharmaceutical ingredients, Teva api is committed to your success. Contact us at to find out how our global and local experience and expertise can work for you.