About ISS and CR

What types of studies will be considered?

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Collaborative Research & Investigator Sponsored Studies submissions

An Investigator Sponsored Study (ISS) is one for which the Investigator assumes responsibility for all aspects of the investigation, including:

  • Trial design
  • Ensuring appropriate institutional and regulatory approval
  • Study conduct, including responsibility for ensuring appropriate medical safeguards, medical monitoring, and medical supervision
  • Analysis and interpretation of the results
  • Communication of the results (e.g., publications)

Collaborative Research (CR) provides mechanism for industry and non-industry partners to conduct research in a risk-sharing manner. In Collaborative Research, instead of being limited to providing funding and/or product, Teva Pharmaceuticals contributes expertise complementary to that of the non-industry partner, who is the sponsor of the study

For consideration, all requests must have the required documentation. Should you require assistance please contact your Teva Medical Affairs representative.

What therapeutic areas and disease states does Teva support?

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For current information and updates on the disease states and therapeutic areas of interest to Teva, please review our Theraputic Areas Tab here.

May I submit a request for a study that has already started?

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No, the Teva Investigator Sponsored Studies (ISS) and Collaborative Research Program (CR) considers submissions of original research only.

Note: Teva is not currently accepting Investigator Sponsored Studies for consideration.

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