Help build PV Ville & make the city a safer place!

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Play the game Help build PV Ville & make the city a safer place!Start collectingside effects

Reporting safety information about Teva products is a critical part of ensuring patient safety

Welcome to PV Ville!

Have you ever considered how undiscovered side effects derive from a well-known medicine or that a medicine can have a side effect that is considered beneficial? Or it may have a common known side effect that could change its safety profile even after 100 years of use?  It is our duty to recognize and report side effects about our products in order to keep our patients and our city safer and healthier! We invite you to build your own PV Ville, while exploring real-life examples from the world of Patient Safety!

Game Tutorial

In this game, you will go through five different scenarios to construct the buildings of PV Ville. From the city map, choose a side effect of your preference, and the relevant building will activate, giving you more instructions on how to complete it.

Prostaglandin analogue

Recognizing an unexpected beneficial effect

Antiparkinsonian medicine

Recognizing an unusual side effect which resulted in a change in product labeling

Oral ketoconazole (antifungal medicine)

Collecting events which changed the product's benefit/risk balance

Oral retinoid

Recognizing events occurring in pregnancy


Recognizing events to ensure safe pediatric use of the product

For more information

Contact your Local Safety Officer or go to the Patient Safety section on myteva

Help build PV Ville & make the city a safer place!

Play the game and start collecting side effects