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Our Global Graduate Program

Accelerate your career with the largest generic medical company in our Global Graduate Program. Discover the kind of future you want to have. This is a career-defining opportunity, and would suit a high-achieving and ambitious graduate with a master’s degree in science, engineering, marketing or business.

Our Global Graduate Program

Accelerate your career with the largest generic medical company in our Global Graduate Program. Discover the kind of future you want to have. This is a career-defining opportunity, and would suit a high-achieving and ambitious graduate with a master’s degree in science, engineering, marketing or business.

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“I quickly grew into a senior position thanks to the business understanding and the professional network I created”

Program highlights

  • A full time position to prepare you for an exceptional career journey
  • Experience three rotational assignments in different regions
  • Build global professional networks
  • Enjoy a personal mentorship and career development boost

This program is run in English. Applications are now open for positions starting in September 2023 – and we welcome applications from graduates in their last year of masters study


You know where you’re going
We’ll help you get there.

Like you, our ambition knows no limits. For over 100 years, we’ve been helping patients live longer, healthier lives – check out some of our milestones here. Today, we produce the majority of the products on the World Health Organization’s Essential Medicines List. But we want to go further, and that means nurturing some of the best and brightest young minds in the world into future leaders.

In just two years, you’ll spend three rotational placements of 6-8 months in Teva sites. You'll gain diverse business experience during the early stages of your career, and lay the foundations for an exciting career in a leading global company.

What does that mean in practice? It means get exposed to stretching assignments in different business units and international cultures, building the skills, knowledge, and business acumen to become a strategic decision-maker and world-class problem solver. You’ll also explore different career avenues, learn more about the way our company works and establish a global professional network. By the end of the program, you’ll have the personal and professional skills you need to embark on an exceptional career.

Making a global impact
Helping 200 million people every day to lead fuller lives.

At Teva, you’ll get the chance to truly make a difference, finding innovative, people-centered ways to make our medicines more affordable and accessible to those who need them. It’s more than a job, it’s a purpose. “I certainly feel like I’ve made an impact. Projects only lasted six months, but there was always a clear goal or objective to work towards. The type of work meant you’d feel like you did have the ability to accomplish things and positively affect the business – and that means positively affecting patients.”

Strategic decision-maker in just two years. Is that you?

During the two-year program, you’ll build skills, knowledge and business acumen and be exposed to senior leaders in the company, learning from them and working to build unparalleled managerial skills. You’ll gain high-level, executive experience on an international scale, immersing yourself in different and diverse business cultures across the globe, and establishing networks as you go. You’ll have a mentor to guide you through, providing the support you need to fulfil your potential.

Program framework

Throughout the program, you’ll…

  • Meet with other Global Graduates virtually and take part in development modules to upskill your leadership and business capabilities
  • Share insights with your mentor to support your personal and professional development

Explore different career avenues

Global and local onboarding process

First rotation – 8 months in one of our business units around the world

Second rotation – 8 months in the same region but a different business unit

Third rotation – 6 months in a different region and a different business unit

“Since finishing the program in 2018, I moved into a local product development team, and quickly progressed to be the right hand of our European CEO. I now run one of our functions in a regional facility. The networks I built out during the program enabled me to move around different areas of the business until I found what was right for me”

Embark on an exceptional career

We’re looking for candidates with excellent academic track records, who are eager to join this career-defining opportunity. If you are a highly driven graduate with the right skills and knowledge to benefit from this ambitious program and take our company forward, Read the full job description here and apply

So, ready to find out what you could achieve in just two years?


Do I need any previous experience in pharmaceuticals to apply?


No, while we’re looking for candidates with a minimal work-related experience, it does not have to be in pharmaceuticals

Is the Global Graduates Program paid?


Yes, the program is considered a full-time position for the period of two years. The compensation and benefits package including components such as pension and health insurance are based on local terms and depends on which country you are hired in.

How many rotations will I have and how long do they last?


You will have three rotations of 6-8 months in a period of two years. The first two rotations will be in the same country, and the third rotation will be in a different region.

Where will be my international rotation?


Assignment allocation and the timings of these depend on a number of factors such as business needs, available and relevant projects, and your professional and personal capabilities and development. Your direct manager and mentor will discuss assignment opportunities with you during your onboarding period, to enable us to match you with the right Teva business.

Will Teva support with relocation expenses?


The first two rotations will be located within the home country of the successful candidates; therefore, relocation support will not be offered as standard. However, Teva will review this on a case-by-case basis depending on the location of the applicant in relation to the office location. Relocation support will be provided for the third overseas rotation.

Will I have a mentor?


During your two-year journey, you’ll have a direct senior manager who will also serve as your mentor to guide and support you throughout the program. You’ll also have host managers for each rotational assignment.

What would be my development journey?


The Global Graduates Program enables you to join challenging and meaningful projects at an early stage of your career to broaden your experience, upskill your capabilities and expand your network. You’ll work closely with talented leaders and professionals to make an impact, improve processes, contribute to decision-making, lead strategy to action and find creative solutions to business problems.

At the end of the two years, you’ll have the skillset and knowledge and network you'll need to take the next step in your career.

What can I expect from the selection process?


Our selection process involves a number of stages, each step enables us to assess candidates against the skills and capabilities required for our Graduate Program.

The selection process consists of the following steps:

  • Apply online via our Early Graduates Program landing page
  • Eligible candidates will be invited to complete several online gamification tests.
  • Successful candidates will be requested to complete a video interview and a short questionnaire, providing more details about themselves and their motivation for the Program.
  • The final stage of our selection will be an assessment center, enabling candidates to engage with senior leaders and gather further insights on Teva.

Selected candidates will be required to successfully pass Teva background checks prior to receiving a formal offer.

When will I receive feedback on my initial application to Teva’s Graduate Program?


Eligible candidates will be requested to complete the online gamification tests once the application window closes in mid-November. If unfortunately, your application has not been successful you will also be notified.