Our People

Our diverse family of over 40,000 employees is what makes up the heart of our company.

They define our culture, advance our research, and ensure our success. Their stories are the stories that inspire so many to join the Teva organization.

How Do I… Put Patient Safety First?

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do. Join Scott behind the scenes as he shows us some of the steps taken to put patient safety first at our manufacturing sites.

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"I’ve seen the impact that asthma and COPD can have."

Xinyu Liu, Digital Product Design Lead
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“I always try to lead by example”

Romana Santar, Head of API Production
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"Biosimilars are advancing more treatment options for patients."

Cory Wohlbach, Global VP for Biosimilar Regulatory Affairs
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“Most of my friends have no concept of what I do”

Amy Hassett, Engineering Project Manager
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“700,000 people die every year because of fake TB and malaria drugs”

Kris van Deuren, Director of Corporate Security
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Be part of a team that supports 200 million people who take a Teva medicine every day

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Join Hikky, Amy and Paul Behind the Scenes

Over 480 million doses of medicine are produced in Runcorn every year. That’s a lot of responsibility when it comes to keeping patients and our colleagues safe. Listen in as the team show us how it’s done.

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“I’m passionate about Green Chemistry”

Ann Lee-Jeffs, Senior Director for Environment and Product Stewardship
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“We treat each unit of medicine like it’s the only one we’re making.”

Hikmat Adamu, Senior Production Supervisor
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“I take several of the medicines that we tested here”

Paula Turner, Senior Director for Clinical Operations
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“My role is to protect patients by protecting our medicines”

Ed Kinkler, Senior Manager for Logistics Chain and Product Security
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“If I could tell patients one thing, it would be this…”

Vanesa Ivetic Tkalcevic, Lead Pharmacovigilance Professional
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"Half the world’s people lack access to medicines."

Giancarlo Francese, Access Lead (ESG and Global Health)
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How Do I… Get Dressed for Work?

Getting dressed for work can be more complicated than you might think. Join Michael behind the scenes to see how he gets dressed for work when creating sterile medicines.

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“I feel maternal towards them…”

Join Sandra and Hermann behind the scenes and learn how biosimilars are manufactured at Teva’s state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical facility in Ulm, Germany.

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“I am fulfilling a dream…”

Meet Nir Shapir. As Teva’s Vice President of Biologics, it's his job to oversee the creation of biopharmaceuticals, a passion he has had since being a child. Go behind the scenes in our laboratory in Israel to find out how these medicines are made.

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