Transforming Knowledge into Treatments

Our dedicated researchers are focused on improving patient health through the application of the most up-to-date and innovative research technology and techniques.

We are working on:

  • Understanding the molecular mechanisms underpinning disease
  • Applying new technology in an innovative and thoughtful manner
  • Generating personalized medicine and pharmacogenomics hypotheses early to incorporate into clinical studies
  • Leveraging collaboration and partnership to capitalize on cutting-edge science

Developing Exceptional Medicines

Our R&D group has an exceptional track record in translating early drug opportunities into clinically-proven drug candidates. Key medicines we have brought to market include Copaxone® and Azilect®.

How We Do It

Our specialty R&D work ranges from the discovery and validation of new therapeutic targets and compounds, preclinical studies (including toxicology, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics and pharmacology studies) to clinical pharmacology and the design, execution and analysis of clinical trials. We conduct these activities for both small molecules and biologics. In addition, our research and manufacturing facilities are fully equipped to support both GLP development and cGMP manufacture.

Striving for Better Every Day

Patients are at the center of all we do. Every day, we are hard at work creating medicines that will improve the quality of life and quality of care for millions of people worldwide.