The National Network of Excellence in Neuroscience (NNE)

The "National Network of Excellence in Neuroscience" (NNE), initiated by Teva, was established to create a collaborative and supportive ecosystem for discovering and developing novel therapeutic approaches to managing some of the most challenging diseases faced by society today.

Israel is a world leader in neuroscience research, ranked 5th globally in neuroscience publications per capita. The NNE collaboration seeks to harness this expertise in a community drawn from 10 of the leading universities and teaching hospitals in Israel.
This initiative is all about supporting academic research and encouraging the collaboration needed to answer some of society’s most urgent questions. We are beginning to see the fruits of that collaboration with some of the country’s most powerful minds working to deliver new targets and new approaches for fighting devastating diseases.
Research projects supported by the NNE are already providing some important clues towards progress in key treatment modalities. Some of these projects have already identified approaches to treatment which may modify the course and progression of several devastating diseases.