Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine is increasingly being used to tailor medical treatment to the individual characteristics of each patient: The right treatment, at the right dose, for the right person.
Personalized Medicine

Right Treatment, Right Dose, Right Patient

Using pharmacogenomics, biomarkers and other targeted therapeutic methods, Personalized Medicine supports the development and use of therapies designed specifically for patients who will benefit from them and will tolerate them.

Matching Patients to Treatments

By matching patients to the best treatments based on their genetic profile and other predictive factors, Personalized Medicine is changing the way drugs are developed and prescribed. It offers significant potential for improving patient quality of life and quality of care across a broad range of diseases and conditions.

Tailor-Made Medicines

We are placing a growing focus on personalized medicine, integrating it across our R&D pipeline. Our Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics (PMP) unit, within the R&D group, designs a "tailor-made" PMP approach (harnessing pharmacogenetics, expression profiling, biomarkers, combined modalities, and others) for each specific discovery and development program, and for each specific stage of that program.

Increasing Success

In this way, Teva’s R&D group is able to address the increasing demands of regulators, healthcare providers and payers for greater precision in predicting the efficacy and safety of treatments. Moreover, the predictive power of Personalized Medicine is being harnessed to reduce attrition and increase success of proof-of-concept trials. Additionally, it supports regulatory filings, enhances market acceptance, improves pharmacovigilance and strengthens physician and patient confidence in our medicines.