More than today

‘More than today’ is a short animation that tells the true story of young musician Ara and her journey with MS. It was created for World MS Day as a thank you from Teva, to everyone working tirelessly to improve lives for people with multiple sclerosis. It is also a celebration of how far the MS community has come in terms of treatments and outcomes.

Ara’s story

Ara thought she’d lose everything when MS threatened her ability to play music. But, with support from her neurologist, her nurse and her beloved partner Steve, Ara has been able to keep playing the music she  loves. The song in this animation ‘More than today’ was written and recorded by Ara herself.

Celebrating how far MS treatment has come

At Teva, we have been developing treatment and providing support to people with MS for over 20 years. The symptoms experienced by people MS can vary significantly and can have a big impact on their life, even though this can be invisible to other people.  We have seen the outcomes improve for people with MS over the last decades, as treatment and support continue to evolve – and are committed to continue this progress, helping more patients like Ara now and into the future. 

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