Pharmacist expertise across Teva fuels a patient-centric approach

“I wanted to be a pharmacist since my early childhood because everyone in my community relied on their pharmacist for medical advice. The pharmacist knew local families and helped solve their problems,” said Jelena Cabo-Aras, Director of Primary Care and Respiratory Medicine at PLIVA Croatia.

Pharmacists are a trusted source of knowledge and advice, not only for patients but also for caregivers and other healthcare professionals and they remain one of the most accessible health care professionals globally. They are on the front lines interacting daily with patients to ensure that the right medicine is provided at the right dose and formulation, serving as an important partner to improving health.

In honor of World Pharmacists Day, which takes place each year on September 25, we wanted to recognize some of Teva’s own trained pharmacists around the globe who rely on their impressive training and expertise to improve the lives of patients. These individuals serve in roles at Teva as diverse as product marketing, medical affairs and communications to quality control and stretch around the globe, but at the center of it all is their unique perspective on the patient. These are their stories.

“By understanding the market, what works in practice and the needs of patients within specific therapy areas, I’m proud to have helped identify new products to add to our portfolio. I’ve also applied the experience and knowledge gained from working with both pharmacists and patients in a pharmacy practice to input on new Teva UK product packaging,” remarked Andrew Beardshall, Senior Manager Medical Affairs, at Teva UK Limited.

“I regularly communicate and interact with many different stakeholders, and our discussions are deepened by my knowledge and experience of having worked as a community pharmacist and member of the board of the Association of Pharmacists of Catalonia,” said Rafael Borras,
Director, Communication & Government Affairs for Teva Spain and Teva Portugal. “I'm also an associate professor at the University of Barcelona, and that gives me the opportunity to stay updated and in touch with the academic world, and to help future pharmacists who may one day be future colleagues!

Tina Šoštarić, Senior Director of Sterile Production at PLIVA Croatia got her start in the pharmaceutical industry after being awarded a PLIVA scholarship. After advancing and holding various positions in quality control, she assumed a leadership role in Sterile Production where she guides innovative technologies that enable the administration of medicine – a position that she still holds today after 20 years with the Company. Tina is also currently a member of the Croatian Committee for Pharmacopoeia.

“I am proud to have a pharmacist background,” said Heidi Ikonen, Associate Director Generics, Teva Finland. “As a pharmacist I have one of the best possible perspectives to understand the mixture of medical needs, treatment options and product characteristics. I have managed to combine pharmaceutical science, business understanding and sales orientation at a job with purpose.”

She adds, “Pharmacists play a really important role in the treatment of illnesses around the world. Odds are that the healthcare professional you will interact with most will be your pharmacist. What inspires me every day is developing new drugs that make a big difference in people’s lives.”

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