Life is sweet: Teva’s Beekeepers

On World Asthma day 2018, we want to highlight the stories of individuals who struggle with asthma on a daily basis. With 300 million people worldwide living with asthma, it is important now more than ever that we continue to raise awareness about this disease 1.

Although there is an awareness to the triggers and causes of asthma, we know that patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals still face challenges managing asthma on a daily basis. Those with inadequately controlled asthma experience many physical, as well as emotional symptoms which can interfere with everyday activities.

At Teva, we believe that the future is bright across respiratory care, something we call respiratory_carev2.0, but to understand how to help, we have to understand the challenges. This is why we believe in sharing the current information surrounding the unmet needs in the management of asthma. We spoke to three patients with asthma to help them share their stories. Meet Michelle, David and Patrick…


[1] Global burden of disease due to asthma. Available at:  . Accessed: April 2018.

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