Teva launches brand in North America

“Teva is committed to providing innovative and high-quality medicines to enable people around the world to live better days.”

Teva has launched a new brand positioning and visual identity. It incorporates the vision of a restructured company with the untold story of how we impact the lives of millions of people every day.

The brand aligns Teva with the evolving needs and expectations of the people we serve, from patients and caregivers to employees and healthcare professionals. It builds an identity that unifies employees and our businesses around the world after decades of acquisitions. 

Teva has now introduced the new brand in the U.S. and Canada, having already done so in France, Russia and Argentina. Additional country launches are planned throughout 2018. 

“The new brand is integral following our restructuring and transition to a simpler, leaner and more agile organization in North America. It reflects how we bring valuable medicines to patients worldwide, and how we continue to evolve to ensure a consistent experience across our diverse portfolio,” said Brendan P. O’Grady, Teva EVP and head of North America Commercial. 

“Launching a new brand on the heels of a restructuring isn’t necessarily intuitive,” said O’Grady. “For us, it provided an opportunity to evaluate how to best meet the current and evolving expectations of patients and healthcare professionals while we were also looking at ways to reduce our internal complexity and unify our organization. The new brand helped us galvanize internally around a new Teva and emerged as a vehicle for simplification and unification.” 

Rather than taking a top-down approach, Teva is rolling out the brand from the bottom up, building local relevance into a global framework. The approach ensures the company addresses the diversity and nuances of each market, including its business model, portfolio, healthcare system, as well as the specific needs of its patients, caregivers and healthcare professionals. 

Iris Beck-Codner, Teva’s Executive Vice President for Global Brand and Corporate Communications at Teva, said, “Putting the patient at the center of all we do is at the heart of our brand. As we activate Teva’s new brand in each market, we are evolving our offering based on insights from real people, grounded in research, about how people approach their health journey as well as their needs, frustrations and expectations. As part of this effort, we are redesigning the most impactful touch points and experiences that people have with the company, such as our product packaging, promotional materials for healthcare professionals and consumers, and digital resources, all of which will help ensure that every touch point differentiates and reinforces the new Teva.”

The new brand positioning was developed using insights gained from speaking to over 13,000 patients, 9,300 caregivers and over 1,000 healthcare professionals from 20 countries, all with the goal of understanding how health and illness impact people’s lives. For example, Teva found that 63 percent of people globally want advice about how to take better control over their health. They want emotional and functional support, convenience and access to trusted and understandable information. We also learned that 47 percent of people surveyed were caring for someone with a health condition, a caregiver population that remains under the radar of the healthcare industry.
In the U.S., Teva is partnering with patients to explore how living with a chronic condition affects every part of an individual’s life. Later this year the company will launch a digital portal offering content and resources to patients and their loved ones—enabling them to take greater control of their health. 

New materials for HCPs and patients are starting this month, while new packaging is expected to roll out in the second half of 2018.

In Canada, Teva’s research highlighted the strong needs around information and support for the more than 8 million Canadians who provide informal care to a family member or friend. In response to this need, Teva is working with a local partner to train pharmacists to better respond to the needs of caregivers, as well as connecting caregivers to one another for guidance and emotional support. 

 “Of course this is a process, and we will continue to evolve the Teva brand in these and other markets,” Beck-Codner said. “Recognizing our financial situation, we are managing each launch in a way that makes the best use of existing resources and plans, with minimal additional financial investment.”

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